Sheru Classic 2021 Date, Participants List, Prize, Venue, Registration - Indian Amateur Olympia 2021 Participants

Now Bodybuilding Sports is at peak in India also, Earlier this Game was considered to belong to Rich Person as for that Bodybuilder have to Spend Huge Amount. Nowadays there are many Fitness People who are running their Online Courses, Coaching, YouTube, and many other Business along with Bodybuilding which helps them to earn money. Many Sponsors are also joining the hands of this wanna-be Bodybuilder. Here is an Excellent Opportunity for Indian Bodybuilder to showcase their Body and Win Awesome prizes. The Platform is called Indian Amateur Olympia or Sheru Classic. In this year Sheru Classic Dates are 3, 4, and 5 December 2021. Whoever wishes to Participate in Sheru Classic 2021 may visit Sheru classic Official Website and fill a Form. The Whole Process will be explained in this article which will cover Sheru Classic 2021 dates, Sheru Classic 2021 Participants list, Sheru Classic 2021 venue, Registration fees, Winner Prize,  and athletes. Here below let's know each and everything about Sheru Classic 2021 Updates and News. Let's Know Amateur Olympia Indian Participants 2021.

Sheru Classic 2021 Participants List

In Sheru Classic 2021 Indian Amateur Olympia there are some Confirmed Participants and some are Expected Contestants of Sheru Classic Indian 2021. These are some of the Best strongest and expected athletes' List who will be Compete in  Amateur Olympia Indian as Participants.

Rubal Dhankar

Abhishek Yadav

Tarun Gill

Dipak Nanda

Sahil Khatri

Badri Fitness

Rajveer Shishodia

Nitin Chandila

Amit Panghal

Pankaj Tejwani

Ravi Pawar

Ankush Bali

Sunny Rajput 


Mukul Kapur

Anuj Nagar

Gaurav David

Siddharath Jaiswal

Abhishek Dhiman

Chetan Bhatia

Sandeep Baisoya


Bonkim Saikia

How to Register for Sheru Classic or Amateur Olympia India 2021

The Bodybuilding Show Amateur Olympia or also called Sheru Classic will be held on 3, 3, and 5 December 2021 in Mumbai. The Registration Process is very Simple as Athletes have to Visit Sheru Classic Official Website or Amateur Olympia Indian Official Website and click on the Registration Option where a form will appear with the wanted Details. Simply need to fill that form and Registration fees.

Amateur Indian Sheru Classic 2021 Rules

There are some General Rules for participants for Amateur Indian Olympia. You May check Rules in Details from Sheru's classic or amateur Olympia Indian Website. You may get PDF File that will clear all your doubts about Amateur Indian Olympia Registration Rules. These all set of rules and Regulations is drafted by National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) which is the national Government Agency for Anti Doping.

What is Amateur Indian Olympia / What is Sheru Classic Athlete Competition

Officially Amateur Olympia was announced in India in 2019 and in this year 2021 Third Session is going to Happen. The Venue for the 2021 Amateur Olympia Indian or Sheru Classic 2021 Competition will be Mumbai and will be held from 3 to 5 December. This Competition is Open for All Asian Athletes and everyone according to categories can Participate. The Sheru Classic 2021, Indian Amateur Olympia 2021 Official Venue will be BEC Mumbai which is the Bombay Exhibition Center. 

Amateur Olympia India, Sheru Classic 2021 Categories

In Amateur Olympia Indian 2021 there are total 7 Categories which are listed below;

  1. Men's Bodybuilding
  2. Men's Physique
  3. Men's Classic Physique
  4. Women's Bikini
  5. Women's Figure
  6. Women's Fitness
  7. Women's Physique

Sheru Classic Prize Money

The Prize details of Sheru Classic or Indian Amateur Olympia bodybuilding 2021 are not known yet but there are many Sponsorship Offers for Winners. The Some of Sponsorship name is Wellness Product, Nutrition and Sports Brands, Health Products, Beauty Brands, Fitness Partner, etc.

How to Contact for Sheru Classic India Amateur Olympia

Sheru Classic or Indian Amateur Olympia team can be contacted on +91 9930999085 Mobile Number or Email Adress.

This was our detailed covered article based on Sheru Classic 2021 Participants Updates and Indian Amateur Olympia 2021 dates, venue, registration process, Participants, Venue, Prize Money, and many more things about this Bodybuilding Show. We hope you enjoyed our article and for some knowledge about Sheru classic and Indian Amateur Olympia 2021 Participants and Bodybuilding 2021 show.