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 In India, you might listen to some Gangsters I mean the dreaded gangsters. There is one of them Gangster who is most followed by Youth as for some people he is not least than a celebrity. The Neeraj Bawana is one of them. have a look at Neeraj Bawana Wiki, Biography and his history background, and some more wiki details.

Who is Neeraj Bawana - Neeraj Bawana Biography

Neeraj Bawana is Most Dreaded Gangster in Delhi NCR. He is from Bawana Village of Delhi. He roses from a middle-class family of Bawana Village. He is born into Jaat Family. Neeraj Bawana Real Name is Neeraj Sehrawat. Neeraj Bawana is well-known all over India because of his Criminal History. Neeraj Bawana is a gangster who has more than 100 Case Charged and currently as of 2021 he is behind Bars. He is under Prison of Tihar Jail. This Gangster Neeraj Bawana loves to live Luxurious life as he very Moody even in Tihar jail. He demands about Gadgets, Branded Clothing, and Expensive foods and Supplements.

Neeraj Bawana History, How he came in Crime Line - How Neeraj Bawana Become Gangster

Neeraj Bawana is from a middle-class family who dreams to become rich from childhood. Neeraj Sehrawat completed his Schooling at the private school of Bawana. In early life, he falls in a bad evil way as he started taking low-class drugs. Later in Higher School, he becomes addicted to Opium, and his consumption of taking opium becomes High.

He could not afford Drugs at such a Small Age so he started a small Scandal like Bulgary. This habit of Bulgary made him Fearless. Opium was the weakness of Neeraj Bawana so to making his addiction fulfillment he started looting and also rush into gangster Life. He Started Threating Some local Businessmen for Money. Neeraj caught by Police from Bhiwani (Haryana) while he was there for Robbery.

After Neeraj Arrested from Bhiwani, Police Shift him to the Tihar jail of Delhi. Shifting in Tihar jail was the Turning point for Neeraj Sehrawat as in the jail he met so many Dreaded Criminal and gangster. He gets the chance to met a Most Wanted and Dawood's Person Faizal. Faizal becomes a very good friend of Neeraj Bawana. Faizal used to narrate the crime stories of Dawood to Neeraj Bawana. Faizal Guide Neeraj that how he should take back up plan also while criminal Activity.

When Neeraj Got bail from Jail he started to thinking like a big criminal and started big crime like Money Laundering, Extortion, Robbery, and Threating Tycoon of all over India. Gradually he entered in Gangster life where he does not bother to Murder a Person.

Soonly Neeraj Sehrawat Becomes Popular with the name of Gangster Neeraj Bawana and his Lifestyle boosted. He Changes his style of Robbery as started using Luxury car and International Weapons for Crime Activities. Once he entered in Court of Delhi where he starts firing and flown away by taking a Prisoner Amit Bhura who was his friend.

Day by day Neeraj Bawana's Complaints were increasing so Police were very Worried about this. He becomes the Most Wanted Gangster of Delhi NCR Capital. 

When Delhi Police Encountered a Gangster Neetu Dabodiya in 2013 then Neeraj Bawana got sense and learn a lesson that he needs some Political Relationship so that he can protect himself from Police.

Neeraj Supported his Maternaly Uncle for Delhi Election and his Uncle Won the election in 2013 so Neeraj Become more fearless as now he has some Political Hands also.

Neeraj has the plan for going to his village to meet his family but someone from leaked this Secret information to Police and Police made a plan to Arresting him on the way. Police captured Neeraj Bawana when he was going to his Home. Neeraj and his friend started firing as soon they watch Police but soonly Police captured Neeraj Bawana and taken him to Tihar Jail. Since 2014 Neeraj Bawana is In Tihar jail for 7 years of Punishment.

As per News Medium Neeraj is still very active in Crime case in Delhi as he running his Crime racket from Jail. He demands branded Clothing and Foods. As of now, 2021 Neeraj Bawana is 34 years Old and Unmarried. Neeraj has many Girlfriends just for Physically relationships, not for Emotionally relationships. 

He is known for Most dreaded and King of Extortion in the Delhi Area. Drugs addiction turn this man into a Gangster so Neeraj Bawana Wiki and Biography were important to read.

Personal Details of Neeraj Bawana - Real Name, Biography

Real Name

Neeraj Sehrawat

Nick Name


Popular Name

Neeraj Bawana

Date of Birth

1987 Born

Birth Place

Bawana Village of Delhi

School Name


Language Known

Hindi, Haryanvi

Higher Study / College Name

Matric Pass


Sehrawat, Jaat






Gangster, Extortion, Land Grabbing, Robbery

Family Details

Father Name

Prem Singh Sehrawat

Mother Name



Shakti Dada



Child (If any)



He used to change girlfriend from time to time but now in jail and Single.

Physical Appearance of Neeraj Bawana


6 Feet


80 KG

Biceps Size

17 Inch

Hair Color

Long Black Hair


Radha Swami Written Tattoo in Hindi on Right Arm

Some Lesser Known Things about Neeraj Bawana

  1. Neeraj Bawana is Top one gangster of India.
  2. Neeraj Bawana started Crime at the age of 19 years.
  3. Neeraj has more than 100 criminal cases.
  4. Neeraj Threated many of Congress MLA of Delhi for ransom.
  5. The First Murder did by Neeraj in 2004.
  6. Neeraj's Network is Expanded in Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Uttarakhand, UP, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.
  7. Neeraj's Father is Bus Conductor in DTC.
  8. Neeraj Bawana's Brother and Mother were also Arrested with the suspect of carrying Weapons at Delhi Airport.

Most Frequent Searches Related to gangster Neeraj Bawana Wiki

Who is Neeraj Bawana?

Neeraj Bawana is Delhi Based gangster and currently in Tihar jail for more than 100 crime cases.

Neeraj bawana Wife name?

Neeraj is Unmarried till Now.

Neeraj Bawan net Worth?

Neeraj is active in Money laundering and Robbery cases so they have a big amount of money and also have many properties.

What is Neeraj Bawan caste?

Neeraj Bawana caste is jaat and he belongs to Sehrawat Family.

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