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Real Rupinder Gandhi Biography, Family, Wiki, Controversy, Death case and lifestory

If you are reading this article you are here to know Rupinder Gandhi Biography and some hidden facts related to his life story. some of you must be visiting this article after watching Punjabi Moview which is Based on Gangster Rupinder Gandhi Lifestory. In this article, we will give you all information about Rupinder Singh Gandhi Biography and some most important things about him like his family, Age, Early Life, Wiki, Real Name, and more other exciting things. let's know little Quick information about this man.

Quick Info about Rupinder Gandhi - Who is Rupinder Gandhi

Rupinder Gandhi 's Real Name was Rupinder Singh Aujla. Rupinder was born on 2 October so this is the reason his Father named him Gandhi. He was a regular guy in childhood and an Intelligent Student. Rupinder Came into Limelight after his Visiting to Chandigarh Punjab University where he started a Students Group for election. He is the Founder of the Gandhi Group of Students in PU. Rupinder Gandhi Was also a social worker and Sarpanch of his Village Rasulra in Khanna.

Rupinder Gandhi Life Story, Biography and Wikipedia

All of you must curious about the life story of Rupinder Gandhi that is why here we go with all story of him. Rupinder Gandhi was a Regular guy in childhood which was very Adorable in School and family. He was Intelligent and good in study in School days. He was National Level Sports Player and he gained some Sports Medal also. Rupinder Singh Gandhi was Sarpanch of his Village. Rupinder took Admission to Punjab University Chandigarh for his Higher Studies. In PU he uses to stay in Hostel with his University Friends. 

In PU he came into touch with some of the Politics Background of People and who were willing able in Students Politics and PU election. This was a Turning point in His Life as he started to gather a lot of Guy in his Group for Election Campaigning. Rupinder Gandhi was associated with the Gandhi Group of Students. Rupinder was the Most Powerful Person among all parties. The Huge Following of him in the Election gave him unnecessary Enemies also.

Rupinder was a Very brave Guy and he never did anything wrong to people. He uses to listen, students, Problem and try to solve in his own way although he has to take the wrong step for that. In this Politics Ambience Rupinder have Numerous Fight with others Opposite Parties and also he had Quarreled with some of the Police Man and Officers sometimes. These all things Came him to Limelight where he becomes wanted by Policies he has been stuck in some Crime Cases.

After Some Crime Cases, Rupinder uses to live Outside University, and mostly he was Underground and started to spending time in his Village area. In his village, he has done some social work which makes him very popular in his village and surrounding areas. Rupinder Gandhi was the subject of Talk in his Village area and his deeds invited more enemies for him.

This is true that he was very aggressive and in most cases, he solved by fighting. During the Period when he was Sarpanch of his Village he became Bigot Enemy of some of Pehalwaans (Wrestler group) and Fued start of Sworn Enemy. Rupinder Gandhi always visits the outside village with some of their friends but one day he was alone Outside of his Village. He was Working on his Farm and Suddenly Pehlwan / Bhalwaan Group Attacked him. Rupinder was Alone and another side there was a lot of Pehalwaan in Groups and that is why he was trapped. Pehalwaan group Beat a lot Rupinder and Kidnapped. 

After Kidnapping they asked Rupinder to Give Up and join them then they Shall Leave him. Rupinder did not Give Up and told them if they want to kill him they can but he will never join them. Pehalwaan group kept Rupinder under their Security for some days and later after an Argument one day One of the Leaders of the Pehalwaan Group Shoot Rupinder Gandhi by Gun. Rupinder was still alive after shooting some of Bulle in body but the Pehalwaan Group Sacked Rupinder Gandhi and Throw in Bakhra River and Police Declared that Rupinder Gandhi is no more. This was End of Him.

The Pehalwaan Group is taken Responsibility for themself for Murder of him. Pehalwaan Publicly said that they Murdered Rupinder and Police Arrested Them in the case of Rupinder Gandhi Death. This was Rupinder Gandhi Death. It is said that on the Funeral Day of  Gandhi there was a huge Gathering of Youngsters (Including his friend's circle and followers) to tribute him. This was the Lifestory of Real Rupinder Singh Gandhi.

Was Rupinder Gandhi a Gangster or Social Worker?

This is a most asked question that was the Rupinder Gandhi a Gangster or something else. According to our research, we have 2 aspects of his Life one is a gangster and the second is Social Worker. if we consider the crime cases of Rupinder Gandhi then he was a gangster for Police as there were a lot of criminal cases against him. Rupinder has done social work also where he save some girls from crime and also helped poor families in several ways so he was also a social worker for the general public.

Let's Know More about him in detail and the Biography of Rupinder Gandhi which includes his Personal Details, Family Details, and some interesting facts about him.

Know Personal Details of Real Rupinder Gandhi - Real Name

Real Name

Rupinder Singh Aujla

Nick Name


Popular Name

Rupinder Gandhi

Date of Birth

2 October 1979

Birth Place

Rasolra, Khanna, Punjab

School Name


Higher School

Not Known

Higher Study / College Name

BA from Punjab University Chandigarh


Aujla, Jatt



Best Known For

Social Working, Politics, Gandhi Group


Politician, Student Activist

Family Details

rupinder gandhi biography
Rupinder Gandhi Real Brother Mindi Gandhi

Father Name

Sardar Hardev Singh Aujla

Mother Name

Not Known

Brother /

Mindy Gandhi



Child (If any)



Pinky (Not Sure)

Height Weight | Physical Appearance of Rupinder Singh Gandhi


5 Feet 11 Inch


68 KG

Eye Color


Hair Color




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8 interesting things about Ganster Rupinder Gandhi

  1. Rupinder Gandhi was a National Level Sports Player.
  2. Rupinder was the first sarpanch of Punjab at such a Lowest Age of 22 years.
  3. He was Most Followed Person from 2000 to 2003Youngter.
  4. He was President of the Punjab University Students Group.
  5. He was the Founder of GGSU.
  6. The very first fight of Rupinder Singh was a Colege Fight with His Election Opposite.
  7. There are 2 Movies (Rupinder Gandhi Ganster and Part 2) made on the Biography of Rupinder Gandhi.
  8. He was very Kind-hearted as he helped a lot of poor families.

Most Search Question about Ganster Rupinder Gandhi

Real Rupinder Gandhi Photo
Rupinder Gandhi Real Picture

Who was Rupinder Gandhi?

He was a Youth icon, Social activist, Politician, Student Leader, and later turned gangster.

Why Rupinder was known by Gandhi's name?

Rupinder was born on 2 October which is why his father named him Gandhi as Nickname.

In Which Group Rupinder Gandhi was associated?

Rupinder Gandhi was the founder of GGSU (Gandhi Group of Students Union).

Who Killed Rupinder Gandhi?

Lakhi (Leader of Pehalwaan group)


After the Murder of Rupinder, his brother Mindy Gandhi came back from Abroad to fulfill the revenge of his brother Death. Mindy Gandhi Kill The Lakhi Pehalwan who was the Leader of the Pehalwaan group. And Later there were 2 movies made on Rupinder Gandhi Biopic and Stroy. Some of the Pehalwaan group People killed Mindy Gandhi also because of the objection of Rupinder Gandhi Movie and also to taking revenge of Lakhi Pehalwaan Murder case.


As we know Rupinder from some research work we came to a conclusion that he was a good person with prospective thought but situation throws him evil way which later became the cause of his Death and also some years his brother also murdered by some of past enemies of Rupinder Singh Gandhi. This was Rupinder Gandhi Biography and we hope you have got everything for which you were curious.