YouTuber Carryminati Montlhy Income, Biography, Roast, career, Real Name, Family and more

YouTuber as Career was not Possible in India on Early Days as no one found this is Professional and Full Time before some Ceratin YouTuber Success. There are some Indian YouTuber who is Inspiration for any Indian and who Wish to become YouTubers. There is a Number of YouTubers in India now who taken YouTube as Full-Time Career and the Credit goes to some Early days YouTuber who Inspired the next generation to do something online also. CarryMinati is one name from Indian Legend YouTuber. Many people at any age love him the way he Roast Trending Things and Mimicry on YouTube. In his article, we cover YouTuber Carryminati Biography and his Net Worth, Monthly Income, and more things.

Who is Carry Minati

Carry Minati is a YouTube Channel name Owned by Ajey Nagar. Carry Minati is the Performer Name of Ajey Nagar and the Real Name is Ajey Nagar. Ajay is from Faridabad and he is on YouTube since his schooling time. Ajey Nagar uses to upload Football Trick Videos and after no response, he started playing a Game with the Channel name Carry Deol. In this channel, he uses to Play Games and commenting with the Voice of Sunny Deol. Later he changed his Channel name carry Minati and started Roasting some other YouTuber which Gave much Popularity to him. Carry Minati is now YouTuber, Singer, Rapper, Content Creator, Gamer, and also doing some other things in his life.

Carry Minati Plays various roles in his Videos like Carry, Chacha, and more. Carryminati Punch Line of Favorite Dialogue is Toh Kaise Hai Aap Log. His all Videos Started with this Dialogue which is on every Guy's Tounge. 

Carry Minati Biography
Carry Minati Pic

Success Story and Bio

Who is carry Minati and how he become so Famous and successful? There is a story behind his success Carry Minati  AKA  Ajey Nagar was very Notorious from Childhood and he was an average student. Ajey Nagar has dropped his Higher Secondary because of pursuing his YouTube Journey. Carry Minati said in some Interviews that he chose Economics in Higher Secondary school but he could not understand what is Subject so he decided to Drop as he was afraid of failing. Then Carry Dropped Year and Corresponded his Study. During this Time carry Gave 100% to his YouTube career and the result in his Way of Roasting was most liked by the Public. After the Internet Cheapest rate facility in India people started watching his videos more and found his Videos most Interesting. Carry Started Roasting Artist and he started from Bhuwan bam and Ashish Chanchlani. These roasting videos become Viral and he gains million of Views and Popularity. in 2021 carry Minati as Most Preffable YouTuber and Highest Subscribers Base YouTuber.

 Carryminati Monthly Income and Net Worth

The Monthly Income of CarryMinati can be calculated from various sources. Carry Minati have 2 YouTube Channel one with the name carryMinati and the second is CarryisLive. From his YouTube Subscribers, Views, and Analytics it is estimated that he is easily earning 16 to 17 Lakhs monthly income. This MOnthly Income of CarryMinati is from Different Different types of earning Sources.

Personal Details - Real Name

Real Name

Ajey Nagar

Nick Name


Popular Name


Date of Birth

12, June 1999

Birth Place

Faridabad, Haryana

School Name

Delhi Public School, Faridabad

Higher School

Not Known

Higher Study / College Name

Senior Secondary


Nagar, Gurjar




Comedy, Mimicking, Travel, Gaming, Roasting

Purpose of Life / Aim

Legend YouTuber

Family Details

carryminati family
carryminati Mother father

carryminati brother
CarryMinati with his Elder Brother Yash Nagar in his Studio

Father Name

Vivek Nagar

Mother Name

Updating soon...

Brother / Sister

Yash Nagar (Brother)



Child (If any)


Crush (If any)


Physically Appearance

carryminati old pic
Ajey Nagar Old Pic of 2015 when he was Fatty


5 Feet 5 Inch


60 KG

Eye Color


Hair Color




Social Media Account



Instagram Account



Carry Minati

YouTube Channel

Carry Minati / Carry is Live

What Kind of Person is CarryMinati

Ajey Nagar AKA CarryMinati is a very Jolly Person and he has an outstanding Sense of humor, he can make everyone laugh with his talk. On YouTube, he is popular for his Abusing Word and Roast content. But in Real Life he is a very Jolly and Serious Person where he likes to spend the most time with his Parents. he is doing his You Tubing from his Faridabad House.

Controversy of carryMinati

carry Minati was slipped in a controversy in 2017 where he Roast a Gurjar Singer and after that ENritr Gurjar Community started to Threating him because of his Roast. Later this Matter was Sorted. In 2020 when Tik Tokers Artist was on Peak and claiming themself real Content Creator then carryMinati taken Step Against them. Carry Prove All Tiktokers that they are useless and they have no Content they just using Cringe Content. Carry Roast all Indian Titokers through his Videos on June 2020 and this Roast video Broke all Records of getting the Highest and Speedy Views. This Videos Received most fastest Views in Milion. After Reporting this Video by Tiktokers YouTube Delete these Videos. This was very controversial at that time.

Unknown facts About carryMinati

  1. Carry started YouTube at a very Small Age when he was only 10 Years Old.
  2. Carry Minati AkA Ajey Nagar Roast Gurjar Boy in a Video while he is also from a Gurjar Family.
  3. Carry is 21 years old as of 2021.
  4. Carry has a Record of the Fastest YouTube Views.
  5. Carry Minati have a Maximum Number of Subscriber base in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real name of Carryminati

Ajey Nagar

What is the caste of carryMinati?


What is Qualification of Carryminati

12th Pass

What is the Net Worth / Monthly Income of Carryminati from YouTube / How much carryminati Earn

16 to 17 Lacks Per Month.

Who is Carryminati Girlfriend

CarryMinati 's name is added with Avneet Kaur Tiktokers by some people but this is Rumour and he is Single and not dating anyone.

This was all about we tried to cover carryminati monthly income and his biography. Carry Minati name fame Ajey Nagar is the most sensational YouTuber and he is most preferred by Youngster to watching videos compared to other you tuber because of his funny way of Roast.

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