Producer Dxxx Biography - Comedian You tuber Producer dxxx Real Name, Age, Village, Career, controversy, Fight

In this article, we have come to a very famous Punjabi YouTuber Comedian well known with the youtube channel Producer Dxxx. his Comedy Video channel is very popular especially in Punjabi youth because of the extraordinary humor in videos. Producer Dxxx is his channel name. In this article, we will Know all about Producer Dxxx Biography and his other information. Producer Dxxx Real name is Harinder Sidhu.

Producer Dxxx Biography

Quick Introduction

Producer Dxx is his Channel name and his Original name is Harinder Singh Sidhu. Harinder is very Popular among Punjabi Haryanvi youth due to his different style of making comedy videos on youtube. The producer has done a lot of Comedy and Short Moview Videos on YouTube. All of his videos contain abusive content that is why he is very famous in youth because youth loves to watch his videos and abusive content. This vulgar comedy style gain Harinder's Sucess and popularity among his fans but also a number of Controversies due to his abusive language usage on youtube.All of these Producer Dxxx still making comedy video series in his Channel Producer Dxxx.

Comedian Producer Dxxx Biography and other Details List

Personal Details of Producer Dxxx - Real Name 

Full Name

Harinder Singh Sidhu

Nick Name


Popular Name

Producer Dxx / Kot Duna Wala Baba

Date of Birth

5, October 1993

Birth Place

Kot Duna, Barnala, Punjab

School Name

Local School of Kot Duna

Higher School

Government Senior Secondary School Kot Duna Barnala

Higher Study / College Name

BA from Punjabi University, Patiala


Jatt (Sidhu)




Traveling, Vlogging, Comedy, Commenting, Satire Comedy, Making Videos, Making Instagram and Youtube videos 

Purpose of Life / Aim

To Become a successful Comedian and to spread humor around the world

Producer Dxx Height, Weight, Age, Likes, Dislike


5 Feet 11 Inch


75 KG






Yes (Sometimes, Occasionally)

Producer Dxxx Social Media Account - Instagram Id

Facebook ID


Instagram Account




YouTube Channel

Producer Dxxx

Producer Dxx Family Details

Comedian Harinder Singh Sidhu mostly known as Producer Dxxx name is from Kot Duna Village in the Malwa Belt of Punjab belongs to Barnala. The producer currently living in his village with his family and Youtube channel team. Most of the Producer Dxxx videos are shoot on Kot Duna with their village friends group. Producer Dx Father and Mother's names are unknown but he uses to uploads their parent's pictures on Instagram usually. 

How Harinder Become Producer Dxxx

Harinder Singh was very keen to make videos from childhood and in 2010 he started making videos on social media like Facebook. in 2010 Harinder and some friends made a video and telecast on their village cable channel, from that day people started to call him the producer. Harinder wanted to become a Producer of Adult Videos but he could not so he create a youtube channel with the name Producer Dxxx. 

How did Producer Dxxx become famous?

Producer Dx / Harinder Singh Sidhu and his team made a video on Agriculture officer Corrupted matter and show some fighting seen of Agriculture Officer. This video goes Spread to Barnala Agriculture Officer and he filed an FIR against Harinder then his Village people helped harder to get rid of this case and this way he becomes very popular in Online Media and his youtube videos started to grow. This was his turning point in his career and after that Producer, Dx keeps on uploading videos on his youtube channel. he is also very active on Instagram and Facebook.

Producer Dxxx Team

The producer Dxxx is working in a team to making Short Comedy Videos. His Entire team is from his own Village Kot Duna. Some of the Famous names of his team are Jagtaar, Baagi Don, Mintu Maan, Bhana Sidhu (Chacha Wow), Gurwinder Gill, and more.

Producer Dxxx Team
Producer Dxxx Team 

Producer Dxxx Controversies

As soon a Person becomes famous he got some controversy behind him. producer Dxxx has been a number of controversies for his video content mostly. His Big controversy was with Pehalwaan (Wrestlers) of their locality area as Producer Dxxx uploaded a video on his channel Bhappa mal where he showed some of Bhalwaan / Pehalwaan consuming Drugs. This drugs consuming content was criticized by some Pehalwaan and they called Producer Dx in their space to Thrash later Harinder uploaded videos where he felt sorry for these videos and this matter was sorted.

another Controversy of Producer Dxxx was with Famous Social Worker Lakha Sadhana because of his another video named Naayi where he used a village name and villagers of those used name went angry and they threat Harinder if he did not remove their village name from the video they can file a complaint. Later after feeling sorry this matter becomes solved.

Producer Dxx and his Cousin Bhana Sidhu (Chacha Wow) earlier used to make videos together but after an issue, they both divided into 2 teams and started working on the different channels where Bhana Sidhu Created a new channel named Vhacha Wow Records.

producer dxxx biography
Producer Dxxx Bike

There are lots of Controversies about Producer Dxxx due to his Abusive Videos but for now, these 2 were sufficient.

Latest Controversy of Producer Dxx - Producer Dxx and Nihang Singh Controversy Matter September 2021

Producer Dxx is famous for making adult Content in his videos and this becomes Controversy matter. Recently in September 2021 PRoducer Dxx is highlighted and Trending because of his Kutappa by some Nihang Singhs. Some of Nihang Singhs Gathered in his village and BEat Producer Dxx in his Village. Producer Dxxx was alone and Nihang was in Group so they all Lash out at Producer. 

The producer appeals to everyone in his village to make a Verdict on this issue and do his favor. All residents of Village Kot Duna called up a Verdict in Village for Justice for Producer Dxx. Other side Nihang Singh Main Leader Amritpal Pal Singh Mehron came out and took the responsibility of Producer Dxx Kutapaa. He said that he has no personal Rivalry with the Producer but he Warned him earlier also to stop making Vulgar Content but the Producer keep on Making Same Content. 

In The Result, Nihang Amritpal Singh Mehron released a Video and tells that just because of his Vulgar Content and Promoting Bad Activities on the Internet they took this step. This Matter becomes very Hyper in KotDuna as all Villager of Producer supporting him and Otherside some people supporting Nihang Amritpal Singh Mehron.

Harinder Sidhu / Producer Dxxx Career

Producer Dxxx Started making videos in 2010 but he becomes famous in early 2018 when his two videos Paddy and the second one was Parents Children Behaviour got viral. In some of his Interview, he told that he is using Abusive videos as people like him to create this kind of content that is why he always use Abusive language in his videos. Producer s mostly videos are shooted on Kot Duna or sometimes they shoot in Chandigarh. Some People know about Harinder also Produced some Punjabi songs and in the future, he can also Produce or direct Punjabi Comedy Movie.

Producer Dxxx Income - Net Worth - Lifestyle

Producer Dxx Net Worth is unknown but the majority of his income is YouTube videos Advertisement and promotion Sponsored Videos. Producer Dx also promotes new business on his Instagram where he charges for promotion links. Producer Dxx living in village Kot Duna which is a very small village but he has a very lavish Lifestyle as he owns luxury Cars and Bikes and Branded Clothing.

Interview and YouTube Channel of Producer Dxxx

Harinder Is currently running a comedy youtube channel where his ala Comedy Series and Short Films uploaded. you can check Producer Dxxx on youtube and get his channel for watching their comedy videos.

This was all about Producer Dxxx Biography and his Career, Controversy, Age, Original Name, Real Village, Net Worth, and more about him. We hope you liked the Bio of Harinder Sidhu popular with the name Producer Dxxx. our this Article with fans of producer Dxxx Channel videos. 

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